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Safety tips to play with crackers

  • Do not store the fireworks inside the house. Instead, store in garage inside a closed box
  • Always burst the crackers in open places like play ground.
  • Do not burn crackers near dry grass field or dry crop field as dry plant material can catch fire within a second.
  • Stand about an arm length away from the cracker while igniting them
  • Wear safety glasses if you should
  • Do not wear linen material cloths or cloth materials that easily catch fire. Instead, use thick cotton cloths
  • Do not wear very lose cloth while burning crackers.
  • If you have long hair – girls especially – tie the hair and put a knot.
  • Discard used fireworks in a drum of water and make sure the fire is gone
  • Keep water and blankets ready in case of emergency fire break out
  • While igniting aerial fireworks like rockets keep them facing away from you and the crowd or facing the window or door.
  • Wear proper footwear while lighting fireworks.
  • Do not force anyone to fire the crackers. If they are uncomfortable, igniting crackers leave them. Remember -watching the burning crackers also fun
  • Put your vehicles in garage and close the garage door.
  • Do not let children to burn crackers alone. Let them burn crackers under adult supervision.
  • Watch children often and make sure they are safe
  • Never put crackers in your pocket. Careless smoking is one of the reasons for death of many during firework events
  • If the crackers do not burn after igniting, do not try to examine. Instead, use a fresh cracker.
  • Never try to ignite and burn crackers in your hands. Sometimes crackers can burst within few seconds while in the hand and can cause severe burns.
  • If it is not needed avoid igniting aerial fireworks as the aerial fireworks can hit trees and wires.
  • Do not burn noisy crackers – small children, babies and pets can get threatened. The impact of fear sometimes lives long.
  • Never lit matches, agarabatti (essences) and lighter near unused crackers
  • Do not collect and do not try making cracker by collecting unused or half burn crackers. It is highly dangerous.
  • If crackers are taking time to burn then, diffuse them by pouring some water.



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